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Update 31st July 2018

As of today, 2600 individuals have registered for the ‘Wellbeing in the City’ programme. Over 200 organisations have registered or expressed interest. Our Chairman Mark Chambers is setting a good example and has signed up several leading City businesses to the programme.
NB. Important note. There has been a change in personnel at the Samaritans and Ben Heller, our previous main contact has moved on. You should contact Matthew Lock who runs the team that deals with corporates. Please email Matthew Lock

City Giving Day 2018

As City Giving Day is only 2 months away, this is the state of registrations:
No of organisations registered @ 24.07.18: 253 (68% previous participants, 32% new participants)
No of organisations registered @ 25.05.17: 182



As you can see we’re well ahead of our final total for last year (222), so it looks like we’re on track to hit Charles Bowman’s target of 300.

David Pearson
Chairman, Outreach & Purpose Committee