City Giving Day Brief

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CGD was begun in Alan Yarrow’s year and has expanded to 221 organisations. The target for 2018 is 300. The PMA will try to help reach this target.


  1. The challenge is centred on encouraging more businesses to participate in City Giving Day


The proposition

To join in with City Giving Day…

…so your business can do more on the causes that matter to you…

…in a way that makes your investment and effort significantly more valuable

  • By being more visible
  • More involving
  • And more appreciated by colleagues and by others around you


The rationale

  • Research shows most colleagues don’t know what their employer does for good causes
  • That they would feel better if they did know, and better still if they were involved
  • And one good way of doing this is to gather together like-minded businesses and to all do something together that as a result cuts through, gets noticed and makes a difference
  • That’s what City Giving Day is


The specific request

  • To ask for volunteers in your business to form a small team of 3-5 to start work on planning your part in City Giving Day from 1 June
  • Your organisation will be invited to participate in a City Giving Day breakfast event at Mansion House where you can learn from organisations that have taken part in previous years on what works well.

Recruitment breakfast – Thursday 12th April

Recruitment breakfast – Thursday 14th June

Countdown breakfast – Tuesday 4th September

City Giving Day – Tuesday 25th September



  1. Liz Green and David Pearson accompanied Sheriff Estlin on his tour of the City on CGD 2017. It was felt that this enhanced his entourage which was otherwise very junior. Volunteers will be sought from the PMA to do the same for the Sheriffs and Aldermen in 2018.




  1. In 2017 Liz Green and David Pearson attended the Long Long Lunch . This is an outdoor lunch in St Swithin’s Lane served by four collaborating restaurants to raise money on the day. It is preceded by a champagne reception at St Stephen’s Walbrook. It is planned that at the 2018 LLL the PMA take a large group. 2017 cost £59 per head.