2017 AGM – Minutes

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at 18:00 HRS at GIRDLERS HALL, Basinghall Ave, London EC2V 5DD


  1. The Phoenix Chairman, Mark Chambers, welcomed all those present to the first AGM of the Phoenix Masters Association. He thanked our host for the evening, Past Master Girdler, Patrick Reeve, for the use of Girdlers Hall.  He also welcomed our President, Lord Mountevans, Immediate Past Lord Mayor and his two Sheriffs and our Vice-Presidents, Charles Bowman and Christine Rigden.


  1. The Honorary Treasurer, Patrick Reeve, presented the Financial Statement for the year to 31 August 2017. He reported that in our first year, payments of £50 had been received from 107 members. The year-end bank balance was £4,114. Go Cardless was proving very effective and those not currently using it were asked to consider using it as method payment to ease the Treasurer’s administration task. The accounts were accepted by all those present.


  1. The Events Secretary, John Nugée, presented the Annual Report of events and forward events plan.


There had been 3 Phoenix events during the year:

  1. Drinks reception for 120 guests at Pewterers Hall on 31 October 2016
  2. Dinner at Skinners Hall for 135 guests on 12 March 2017
  3. Globe theatre tour and lunch at Doggetts Pub for 39 guests on 31 July 2017

All were considered to be successful and much enjoyed by those attending. Reports and photographs are available on the Phoenix website. http://www.phoenixmasters.london/


The Events Secretary outlined the plan for future Phoenix events. After tonight’s dinner with 65 Past Masters present, there are three more events planned for 2017.

6/7 October       Visit to Harvey’s Brewery, Lewes, Sussex

Open to Phoenix members and their partners – some 50 people have so far signed up.  Bill Mahony will be handling the detailed arrangements.


11 November    Phoenix float at the Lord Mayor’s Show

Those interested in joining should contact Mark Chambers as there are some spaces


6 December       Tour of the Mansion House, and tea

This is for Phoenix members only, and we hope to be joined at the tea by Charles Bowman who will speak to us about how we can as an association assist him in his mayoralty.


The 2018 programme will again have two dinners, one with partners and the AGM dinner without, though it may be that for reasons of finance one or other may be scaled back a bit.  We also intend, in addition to any events Charles Bowman suggests in support of the City, to have another summer social gathering;  suggested possibilities include a day of croquet and a visit to a polo match.  We will probably aim to hold this earlier in the year than the Globe visit to avoid too many people being away on holiday.


In planning these events we are trying to reflect the wishes of the membership as expressed in our survey last autumn, which was for a varied list of events including some on a more modest budget, some with partners and some without, and some with a straightforward purpose of meeting and enjoying each others’ company and others with a more serious purpose of helping the City.


The meeting was reminded that the committee members would appreciate any further feedback to ensure that the right type of events are organised in future.



  1. The meeting unanimously supported the special resolution to retain the one-off joining fee of £25 and to have an on-going annual membership fee of £25 per annum. This change will be reflected in a revision to the constitution.



  1. Past Master Marketor, David Pearson, presented a report entitled: THE PHOENIX MASTERS’ ASSOCIATION – PURPOSE?.

In the discussions that followed, there was strong support for what is being proposed and the sub-group were encouraged to develop their ideas further.


The meeting was asked to note that we are also supporting the Lord Mayor and his chosen charity, the Samaritans, by walking with their float in LM Parade on 11th November 2017. The meeting thanked Mark Snelling for all his efforts in organising this and raising the finance for this venture. The meeting was informed that more walkers could be accommodated and if interested, please speak to the Chairman, Mark Chambers.



  1. There was one item of AOB, where Vice President, Christine Rigden, asked whether it is possible to share the member’s database in the way that other Past Master organisations have done. This would encourage friendships and aid communications. The Chairman responded that this would be investigated and discussed at the next committee meeting on 7th November 2017.



  1. In his closing remarks, the Chairman thanked the committee for their work and support. He reported that a news bulletin would be issued to all members in the near future. He highlighted some items for information:
  2. An invitation to all Phoenix Masters to Painters Hall on 2nd October for a private view of “Art in the City”.
  3. The 9th Inter Livery Ski Championships will be held in Morzine, France on January 25th and 26th Those skiing for the Phoenix could also bring teams from their own livery company in order for them to be involved. There is no better livery bonding than skiing. Two of our Phoenix committee, Mark Snelling and Janek Wichtowski, have raced in the past and many others have expressed an interest. More information may be found on the website www.liveryskiing.com and I can be contacted through gab001@sovision.com. I would be willing to act as co-ordinator if required. George Bastin, Ironmonger.


  • Past Master Nicolas Bull is seeking volunteer rowers to join him in a Phoenix rowing boat on the morning of Saturday 11th November to take part in the Lord Mayor’s Flotilla on the Rover Thames. This would involve rowing a Thames Watermen’s Cutter (probably) from Westminster to HMS President (just below Tower Bridge). The flotilla sets off at 8.30am so it would involve being there shortly after 7.30am.


With all business concluded, the AGM meeting was closed and all present retired to the garden for drinks.

Signed by:


Mark Chambers, Chairman, Phoenix Past Masters Association

Minutes prepared by Isobel Pollock-Hulf, Honorary Secretary, Phoenix Past Masters Association


The Phoenix Masters Association committee is formed of the following individuals:

Mark Chambers – Chairman,  Pewterers

Isobel Pollock-Hulf – Hon Secretary,  Engineers

Patrick Reeve – Treasurer,  Girdlers

James Allen – Webmaster,  Curriers

Mark Snelling – Membership Secretary,  Joiners & Ceilers

John Nugée – Events Secretary,  Weavers

David Pearson – Marketing, Marketors

Tim Haywood – Great 12 Liaison,  Mercers

Janek Wichtowski,  Cutlers

Elizabeth Green,  Framework Knitters

Tony Ward,  Painter-Stainers

Bill Mahony,  Plaisterers

Nicholas Bull,  Tallow Chandlers

Ian Makowski,  Tin Plate Workers

Alderman Peter Hewitt,  Woolmen