Shrieval Election 2018

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On Monday 25th June at Common Hall in Guildhall Alderman Vincent Keaveny and the Honourable Elizabeth Green were elected as Sheriffs for the year ensuing. The elections were contested with two other candidates and it is unlikely that there has ever been a better attendance with the main hall full thirty minutes before the start and overflow in two other rooms. But the result was a very clear majority for Vincent and Liz.
Liz is a Past Master Framework Knitter and, of course, a member of the Phoenix Past Masters’ Association, serving on the Committee and on the Outreach and Purpose Committee.

Here is the text of the speech she gave in Common Hall:
“Fellow Liverymen
Pick up CityAM or The Times, and the front page will be about the challenges facing the City. We all know what they are.
But with challenge comes opportunity.
Yes, society is going digital – but this gives us a chance to engage more widely.
And yes, the world of work is transforming – but this makes the Livery’s fantastic education, training and apprenticeships more important than ever.
To grasp these opportunities, while still retaining the rich heritage we all cherish, the City, the Livery and the Civic Team must be relevant, visible and accountable.
I believe I have the required skills and experience.
I’ve worked for two international PLCs in PR and Marketing, and have financial experience in business, both in industry and agriculture. I have a lifelong involvement with charities – I KNOW how to bring people together and engage the wider community.
My ties with the Livery are strong. A Liveryman for 26 years, I’m very proud to be a third generation Master Framework Knitter. Our family have been Master or Prime Warden of the Farmers, Gardeners, Bakers and Blacksmiths. I have been involved with the City’s good works through Pan Livery and Big Curry Lunch committees, and enjoyed great friendship, fellowship and ‘friendly rivalry’ through inter-Livery golf, swimming and cultural events.
I have met a number of Past Lord Mayors and Past Sheriffs to fully understand what being Sheriff entails.
Sheriffs support and represent the Lord Mayor, in championing the UK’s financial and professional services.
In 2016 there were 1200 new starts-ups in the City of London, many focusing on the fast-moving digital economy. Two thirds of City employees are aged under 40. London is full of energy and British business is respected throughout the world.
But it’s important to understand how Livery companies, both individually and collectively, can contribute. We have immense specialist knowledge across all sectors. Livery Companies prepare expert briefings for the Civic Team. We must continue working together to develop this important communication channel.
Sheriffs support and promote the Livery’s charitable and pro bono activities. They organise fundraising events for charities, including the Sheriffs’ & Recorder’s Fund.
Taking part in very successful Livery Schools events has been fascinating. But, at last year’s Education Conference, many teachers were unaware of Livery companies and the careers talks and work placements we offer.
We can improve – and communication is key. Promoting the breadth of charitable work, both individual and collective. Communicating and Engaging with Liverymen and the wider community.

My charity involvement has always been hands on, whether organising an event, dressing as a bear collecting money at Tesco or selling socks at the Big Curry Lunch. It is a huge part of my life – and is an area about which I care deeply.
Sheriffs also host themed lunches for Her Majesty’s Judges at the Old Bailey – bringing together the judiciary and a wide spectrum of guests.
The Recorder shares my view that the Old Bailey could be used more widely for educational and charitable purposes – again strengthening the link between City and communities.
I believe the Civic Team needs a broad skill set. The Aldermanic candidate Vincent Keaveny, whom I hope you will support, and the likely Lord Mayor have legal and banking expertise. My background is in PR, Marketing and management. A vote for me, Liz Green, would create a well-rounded and energetic team.
It has been a privilege for Peter and me to meet many of you at Livery events. To be elected Sheriff would be the greatest honour. I promise you my absolute commitment and energy in representing the Lord Mayor, the City and you, the Livery.”

The Phoenix Masters Association Chairman Mark Chambers said “Liz was a well-deserved and evidently popular winner and on behalf of the Phoenix Masters, many of whom were present at Common Hall, I offer our warmest congratulations. We look forward to a lively and successful Shrieval year for Liz and Peter.”

David Pearson, Past Master Marketor